Success Story

Comfort and Energy Savings

Lyons resident, Elizabeth Lennert, knew that she wanted to remodel her 1970s-era home, and thought there must be something better than 1970s energy use.

As a part of her remodel process, Elizabeth decided to get a home energy assessment from EnergySmart. Based on recommendations from her EnergySmart Advisor, she decided to upgrade the insulation in her walls, her attic, and in the floor and crawl space.

Elizabeth’s remodel is complete and she has noticed a difference. She enjoys getting the propane tank filled less often to heat the house, and the kids love how much less drafty their rooms feel.

Why It Matters
What's Being Done
Why it Matters



The EnergySmart program has assisted 13,769 homes and 3,814 businesses with energy efficiency improvements, supporting local jobs, and stimulating more than $38 million of local investment.

$1 spent
equals $7 gained

For every $1 invested in Boulder County energy program rebates, the community receives $7 worth of benefits. Cost savings continue to generate economic activity as they are reinvested back into the community through local purchases and jobs.

sales increase

Through the Benefits Boulder County program, one vendor’s electric vehicle sales went up by 230% in Boulder County. Residents who participate in the program and purchase an electric vehicle save an average of $550 per year compared to 25 MPG gas-powered vehicles.

Since LPEC (Longs Peak Energy Conservation) completed work on our 1914 home, our energy bills have been reduced 35%. Our house is more comfortable…and the resources our home uses have been reduced.”
Rachel, Longmont
Why it Matters


EnergySmart households and businesses reduced an estimated 25,700 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) annually, equivalent to taking 5,430 cars off the road.

67K +
metric tons

In one year, residents and businesses installed energy efficient measures that reduce greenhouse gas emissions 67,645 metric tons CO2e over the lifetime of those measures.

BuildSmart encourages high performing, sustainable residential development and redevelopment in the unincorporated areas of Boulder County. Development of energy efficient structures reduces the production of greenhouse gases and the amount of material sent to landfills.

We strive to align our resources with our values, and our objective is to reduce -through efficiency- the consumption of electricity and natural gas from fossil fuel sources. Eventually, we hope to generate our own electricity by taking advantage of the abundant sunshine that falls on our property in Lafayette.”
Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry, Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Why it Matters


4,700 +
low-income households

More than 4,700 low-income households in Boulder County have received weatherization services.

savings per year

Families in need have reduced their home energy costs by about $440 per year, while improving the health and safety of their homes, through their participation in the weatherization program.

of electricity & nat. gas

Residential and commercial buildings account for nearly 45% of the electricity and natural gas consumed in Colorado. By saving energy and adopting renewable energy, pollutants associated with oil and natural gas will be reduced and human and ecological health will improve.

With the upgrades to our lighting and heating system, we are now not only operating more efficiently, but are able to provide a more comfortable, safe home for our residents.”
Lisa Czolowski, Hover Community, Longmont
What’s Being done


$34 million
in savings

Through energy services provided, renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades installed over a 3 year period will save citizens more than $34 million in direct savings over the lifetime of the energy measures.

of solar

Boulder County led an innovative initiative called Solar Benefits Colorado and accelerated the adoption of rooftop solar and electric vehicles, with 701kW of solar installed and 356 electric vehicles purchased within one year.

$1 spent
equals $7 gained

For every $1 invested in Boulder County energy program rebates, the community receives $7 worth of benefits.

What’s Being done



EnergySmart helps homes and businesses in all Boulder County communities become more comfortable and energy efficient.

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Weatherization services are available to help income-qualified residents make cost-effective, energy-efficient improvements and upgrades at home. These measures will reduce energy usage and improve home comfort year round.

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The Boulder County BuildSmart Regulations encourage high-performing, sustainable residential development, and redevelopment in the unincorporated areas of Boulder County.

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Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE)

PACE is your one-stop-shop for business sustainability in Boulder County. PACE provides expert advising services, rebates and incentives, and certification and recognition opportunities.

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Benefits Boulder County

This seasonal program is led by Boulder County's Sustainability Office in partnership with Boulder County municipalities, to help support solar applications and electric vehicle purchases. Watch for this in Spring 2017!

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Colorado Communities for Climate Action

Colorado Communities for Climate Action is a new coalition of local governments working to keep Colorado and its communities a special place to live, to work, and to enjoy, by reducing heat-trapping emissions that pose new, unprecedented risks to localities and residents.

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Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy

Economic Impact Studies

Analyses to study the impact of the Energy Smart Program locally and statewide.

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What’s Being done

Take Action

  • Are you too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?

    EnergySmart Advisors are available to help you with your energy efficiency projects every step of the way. Advisors are available by phone for free!

  • Need financing for your home energy upgrades?

    Boulder County partners with Elevations Credit Union to offer energy loans for residents and businesses.

  • Wondering where your business stacks up in energy efficiency?

    Partners for a Clean Environment can help identify efficiency projects, match you with rebates and help you to rate the energy performance of your building.